Authentication broke after updating FirebaseAuth

I had written a post on how to set up Authentication with Firebase in Flutter (see Authentication in Flutter). But Firebase auth has recently released a breaking change with v0.14. Here's how to fix it.

The change is that signInWithCredential used to return a FirebaseUser. Now it returns an AuthResult (see documentation). Here's how to get the user. Old code:

final FirebaseUser user = await auth.signInWithCredential(credential);

New code:

final FirebaseUser user = (await auth.signInWithCredential(credential)).user;

Here's the complete snippet to handle Google Sign In. I pass in an instance of both FirebaseAuth and GoogleSignIn for easy mocking.

Future<AuthCredential> _signInWithGoogle(
    FirebaseAuth auth, GoogleSignIn googleSignIn) async {
  final GoogleSignInAccount googleUser = await googleSignIn.signIn();
  final GoogleSignInAuthentication googleAuth = await googleUser.authentication;

  final AuthCredential credential = GoogleAuthProvider.getCredential(
    accessToken: googleAuth.accessToken,
    idToken: googleAuth.idToken,
  return credential;

Future<FirebaseUser> _handleSignIn(
    FirebaseAuth auth, GoogleSignIn googleSignIn) async {
  final credential = await _signInWithGoogle(auth, googleSignIn);
  final FirebaseUser user = (await auth.signInWithCredential(credential)).user;
  return user;