Chromebook & NAS

In this article, I'll write about my experience playing with the Chromebook and my NAS. Do they play well together? Let's find out.


I have a WD MyCloud NAS. Here's how I did it:

  • Install Network File Share for Chrome OS
  • Open the Files app
  • Open the menu ..., Add new service, Network File Share for Chrome OS.
  • Share path: \\[NAS's ip]\[my username]
  • Username: [my username]
  • Check "My file share needs a password".

The thread I used mentions you have to first add the "Public" folder. I did so before adding my user folder, so I don't know if it was really necessary.


Playing videos


Double-clicking a video will run the native ChromeOS player. It works fine for small videos, but for larger ones, it's impossible to navigate the video. In comparison on my MacBook, with VLC, it's really fast.

Plex Media Server

In this thread, someone recommends using Plex Media Server instead of Network File Share + native player or VLC. Here's how I set up Plex Media Server on my NAS:

  • TBD