Does FlutterFlow work on the iPad?

The short answer is no. Here's a few more details.

Before I tried it myself, I googled and ended up on a conversation on the FlutterFlow forums, but it doesn't really give any real information. So I won't link to it. The only relevant piece of info is an Admin who stated 8 months ago that FlutterFlow on iPad is not supported.

Today I tried FlutterFlow on an iPad Air from 2020 with the Apple Pencil 2 and no keyboard. Luckily, the resolution is high enough that it shows the regular FlutterFlow UI. If you try FlutterFlow in a narrow browser window on a MacBook, under a certain threshold, it will hide the UI and show you the message "Not supported on a small screen". Here's what works:

  • dragging a Widget onto the app UI with your finger or the Pencil.
  • changing display settings for your Widgets.
  • trying your app in the simulator.

And what doesn't work:

  • no right click. That means you can't replace a Widget with another one nor wrap a Widget with a Container.
  • no keyboard. That means you can't delete a Widget from your tree.
  • once in the simulator mode, only the app responds to touch and pencil events. The frame around the app does not work. That means you can't click on "Reload", nor on each device icon to resize the canvas.

The GUI is also clunky. For example if I tap on "+" to add a widget, it instantly opens the virtual keyboard, which takes half the screen size. So now I have to close that keyboard just to select a Widget from the list.

So I guess you could do some of the work on an iPad, but there are so many limitations that you're better off just using a regular laptop or computer.