Privacy Policy for Atko Flashcards

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you what data Atko Flashcards collects, stores and why.

Saved words and Stories

All the words (from the Translate tab) and stories (from the Read tab) you save are securely stored online. This is so that they can be accessed from different devices, should you switch phones in the future. If you "start without an account", the words are still securely stored online but you won't be able to recover those words on a new phone unless you "sign in".


When you study and answer a question, we securely store online whether you remembered the word or not and when. This is so that we know when to show you the card to study again. The more you know a card, the less often we show it to you. This way you can spend more time learning the cards you don't know yet.

Email address (optional)

When you sign in by email, we store your email address. This is so that we can verify that it's you. Thanks to this, you can have access to your words from any of your phones.

This is also used to communicate to you about important matters regarding the app like serious bugs we've found and fixed.

Sample translations

Translations you make in the Translate page are anonymously and securely stored online in order to improve translations in the following ways:

  • improve the way important words, verbs and adjectives are extracted out of a sentence into cards.
  • improve the etymology of words
  • improve the meaning of each hanja (Chinese characters used in ancien Korean)