Reverse geocoding in Flutter

There are so many packages that do reverse geocoding on that it is hard to pick.

geocode: nope

The very first result is geocode. At first sight it seems ok. It has 90 likes, 98% popularity, the last update is rather recent (7 months ago) and it is Dart 3 compatible. The API looks usable too.

However, this is what they say in the description:

It's a basic implementation of the most useful methods in the Dart language of the following API
It's free for one request per second quota. Register in the above site to get an API Key and increase the number of requests to 10 per second. These are paid plans that allow more requests per second. For more information, review the site.

If you want to use it for any serious project, you'll need more than 1 request per second.

yandex_geocoder: nope

Same issue with this one. It polls the Yandex API, so you'll need an API key again.

geocoder: deprecated

I had been using this package for a while. It uses the OS's built-in geocode feature. That means you do not need any API key.

geocoder | Flutter Package
Forward and reverse geocoding.
It was abandoned 3 years ago.

The issue is that it is not null safe and it is not being maintained anymore. With Dart 3.0 forcing null safety, it cannot be used anymore.

The project's README mentions another project that supposedly does the same thing: geocoding.

Really sorry for the lack of updates. I'm currently really busy and can't really give you an ETA for the next release.
In the meantime, you can try the geocoding package which should offer almost the same functionnalities [sic].

geocoding: YES!

geocoding | Flutter Package
A Flutter Geocoding plugin which provides easy geocoding and reverse-geocoding features.

This package does everything I need:

This plugin uses the free Geocoding services provided by the iOS and Android platforms

The last update was 6 days ago and it is Dart 3 compatible.

This project is well maintained.